AM-2319-0000 | Digital Output I/O Modules

AM-2319-0000 | Digital Output I/O Modules

16 x DO, PNP, Imax: 0.5A, 24VDC

16-channel digital output, PNP, Imax: 0.5A, 24VDC

PCB mount for signal distribution

Fast EtherCAT communication

Ultra compact chassis, diversified and flexible 

Very suitable for mass production




Plug And Play

The signal distribution board has distributed signals and power to

the I/O modules and connectors.

Just plug in the modules and pre-made harnesses for I/O system

assembly quickly.



Ultra-compact design

AM series modules have been extremely compressed in size

while retaining the same signal and number of current products on the market.


Module intergration type connector

Communication connection, module power supply,

integrated terminals are all combined in one. 




Mechaincal clip-on

Mechanical protective clip offers extra tight guarantees for AM module.

No extra operations will be needed during installing and removing. 




Flexible Combinations

Provides rich signal type of functional module and system,

modular combinations make it adaptable to the requirements of I/O signals. 




Digital Output

  • Field bus:EtherCAT
  • Number of Outputs:16
  • Signal Type:PNP
  • Load Type:Ohmic, inductive, lamp load
  • Related load voltage:24VDC(-15%/20%)
  • Output current per channel:Max. 0.5A (short-circuit proof)
  • Reverse voltage protection:Yes
  • Switching times:TON: typically 15us; TOFF: typically 300us
  • Distributed Clocks:-
  • Module current consumption :Typically 155mA
  • Electrical isolation:500V(EtherCAT/field voltage)


  • Dimensions :12mm x 62mm x 55mm
  • Weight:Approx. 23g


  • Mount:On signal distribution board


  • Work temperature:-25°C .. +60°C
  • Storage Temperature:-40°C .. +85°C
  • Relative Humidity:95% (Non-condensing)
  • Degree of protection:AM module: IP20 AM system: depend on signal distribution board and housing
  • Approvals:CE

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