COMLAC is a small form factor computer module that integrates all the core components of a general-purpose X86 PCIt provides all l/0 signals (graphics, audio, storage, Pcle, networking, serial ports, UsB, etc) through a 314-pin MXM3.0 high-speedconnector and is installed on a specific carrier board. The COMLAc computer module enables X86 CPU solutions with powerconsumption ranging from 5W to 65W, meeting both high-performance and low-power CPU platform requirements.It is suitable for industries such as military, power, transportation, machine tools, robotics, motion vision controllers, and medical devicesDepending on performance and space requirements, the computer module comes in different form factors,namely COMLAC Type3 and COMLAC Type5.

Embedded Industrial Motherboard

The 3.5 inch embedded single board supports wide temperature and wide voltage. it is designed for various embedded applicationsand system integration, which uses intel low-power processors, and has rich l/0 interfaces. it can flexibly expand optional modulesaccording to industrial application requirements.

ATX/Micro-ATX Industrial Motherboard



Nodka ATX/Micro-ATX industrial motherboard is equipped with lntel desktop processors, with rich I/0 interfaces and flexibleexpansion slots,and supports various computing platform to meet the different industrial application .


M/B category
Embedded Industrial M/B
ATX Industrial M/B
Micro-ATX Industrial M/B
ARM Embedded Industrial M/B
Intel® Celeron® J1900
Intel® Celeron® J3455
Intel® 5th Gen. U
Intel® Celeron® 3855U
Intel® 6/7th Gen.U Celeron Core
Intel® 8th Gen. U
Intel® Core i3-N305
Intel® N-series N97
Intel® 6/7/8/9th Gen. Core™i3 i5 i7 LGA1151
Intel® Core™ 10/11th Gen. i7/i5/i3 LGA1200
Intel® Core™ 12/13th Gen. i7/i5/i3 LGA1700
Phytium D2000
Rockchip RK3399
Rockchip RK3568
Rockchip RK3588
Intel® Celeron® J6412

NK-L315 | Intel 6/7th

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NK-L314 | Comlac Board

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