AI-supported digital manufacture

Nodka's Operation Panel supports next generation AI-supported digital manufacture.

AI-supported digital inspection systems ensure higher quality in production and on a reduced cost. Manufacturers across all industry sectors are looking to combine the Internet of Things (IoT) to AI "machine learning" and "deep learning" quality inspection applications. Analyzing production lines in real-time using visual inspection processes allows product quality issues to be highlighted and addressed proactively.


Nodkahas recently introduced a new Panel PC with button to meet the growing real-time processing requirements of AI-enabled monitoring and inspection systems. TPC6000-LC270T is well-suited to demanding production environments and therefore ideal for data- and graphics-intensive image processing and machine learning applications.

Key Features

  • Cost-efficient solution and flexible structures allow combination of rule-base machine vision method and AI method at the same time.
  • Flexible and distributed architecture configuration, making future factory expansions convenient.
  • Simple, straight-forward and does not require complex program settings, this AI inspection solution allows system integrators and end users to train machines by themselves.

Why Nodka

  • Modular design for repairs with minimum downtime
  • High performance processor
  • More size option: 12" - 21.5", fit for differentcabinet
  • user-friendly interface

Safety and Standards
Safety: CE, ISO9001
IP65rated: front panel water and dust protection


Recommended product
Panel PC with button: TPC6000-LC270T; TPC6000-LC215T