Home Automation

A home automation system helps to improve living quality, security and energy efficiency. The system monitors the environment changes and controls the home-usedevices, such as air-conditioner, lights, TV, or curtains according to the pre-defined user scenarios.

Nodka Panel PC and touchscreen monitor can fulfill users' demands to connect a large number of devices through serial ports. Custom-made Panel PC products with rear connectors that support IoT starter kit sensors. The user can connect the sensors and integrate it with software for full control.

Why Nodka

  • Modular design for repairs with minimum downtime
  • High performance processor
  • More size option: 12” - 21.5”, fit for different home design
  • user-friendly interface
  • Fashion design for house application


Safety and Standards

  • Safety: CE, ISO9001
  • IP65rated: front panel water and dust protection


Recommended product

Panel PC: TPC6000-CXX3
Industrial monitor: PANEL5000-CXX2