Nodka ETC Lane industrial computer for high-speed traffic introduction

1. Introductions

EBOX-3000-ETC series products are a high-performance 2U rack-mounted fanless industrial computer specially designed for ETC industry. It is 19 inch standard rack-mounted design, which makes installation fast and convenient. It integrates IO controller, supports PCI expansion, configures video and IO data card, multi IO functional interfaces, and is suitable for application in ETC portal system and electric power of expressway. Power communication and machine vision industry applications.

2.  Features 

Appearance design: Wire drawing design of aluminum panel.

Double pulling hard disks, more space and more flexible.

Wide temperature design: -30℃-60℃ wide temperaturre

Multiple IO interfaces: can extend to 8 COM and 6 LAN.

3.  Product advantages

1. Standard 19 "2U height

It is rack-mounted, easy to install, does not occupy extra space in standard cabinet application, and can save a lot of space.

2. High performance

Support 6th and 7th LGA1151 tablet CPU, low power and high power processor

Celeron series:G3930

Pentium series:G4600

Core series:I3-6100/7100,I5-6500T/6500/7500/7500T,I7-6700T/7700T


3. High scalability

It can be expanded to 6 LAN, 10 standard COM, and 3 disks, so as to improve the ability of data interaction and ensure the high expansibility and integration.