Nodka's Rapid Development in 2023

In 2023, it was a year of rapid development for NODKA. The Guangde manufacturing base was completed within just 14 months, from land acquisition to production. It consists of a 50-acre (approximately 45,000 square meters) factory building along with 110 dormitories and a cafeteria. The manufacturing process includes seven major workshops: sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, surface coating, anodizing, packaging, bonding, and system assembly/testing/aging, enabling full-process independent production capability.
Simultaneously, the headquarters in Suzhou underwent a comprehensive upgrade. It established three SMT lines, two DIP lines, and two automatic coating lines for three-proofing, integrating them into an electronic workshop. The expansion also included dedicated areas for research and development, operations, DQA laboratory, and NPI engineering workshop.


◀ SMT Center

24/7 production mode, equipped with full-site production capabilities such as automatic surface mount technology (SMT), printing, online inspection, reflow soldering, wave soldering, etc.



Bonding Center 

Level 100 bonding workshop, equipped with ultra-clean touch display bonding capability.


◀ System Assembly Center

Equipped with a scalable, flexible, and one-stop production model to meet diverse production and delivery requirements.


CNC Machining Center 

24/7 production mode, equipped with multi-axis and efficient machining capabilities.


◀ The Sheet Metal Manufacturing Center

24/7 production mode, equipped with comprehensive capabilities such as laser cutting, bending, punching, riveting, welding, stretching, stamping, and assembly.


Anodizing Center 

With capabilities in processes such as frosted finish, gloss finish, coloring, and anodized coating, we can meet various customized needs for different surface textures and appearances.


◀ Painting Workshop

With capabilities in processes such as spray painting and screen printing, we can meet various customized needs for different scenarios and surface textures.


Packaging Workshop 

With capabilities in processes such as paper box production, three-color printing, and EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) packaging, we have the production capacity to meet various transportation and storage requirements.

We sincerely invite you to visit us and witness our professional production process and high-quality products firsthand.