New product of Industrial computer eBOX-3231

eBOX - 3221 was recognised by a number of special customers, and then,Nodka republic a new industrial computer which is high-performance multi-serial port eBOX - 3231, this is a high performance fanless industrial computer, internal with high-performance Intel Bay Trail quad-core processors, support HDMI, VGA signal output, integrated rich I/O interface, including two gigabit front-end ports, five USB2.0 and 1 USB3.0, and on the basis of original increased RS232 serial port to 11, meet the specific requirements of the particular industry

eBOX - 3231 adopts fully sealed box structure, prevent dust from entering the system, a large area of aluminum fin and copper tube for heat dissipation device, the system internal as rapid heat effectively, to ensure the reliability of the host and longer service life. eBOX- 3231 is suitable for the long time running and industrial site conditions, widely used in intelligent transportation, machine vision, medical equipment, textile machinery, rail transportation and factory automation, etc.

eBOX - 3231 industrial computer to support multiple operating systems, including Windows ® 7, Windows ® 8, 10, Windows ® Windows ® Embedded XP, Windows ® Embedded 7, Linux, and the Android system。