Industrial computer eBOX-3000-MVS for Machine Vision

1. Overview

Ebox-3000-mvs series is based on Intel's high-performance computing processors, with an exquisite appearance design. Meanwhile, multi-functions are integrated into the same control platform, such as light source controller, PC, gateway, motion control, I/O data acquisition, machine vision and equipment networking, etc. So eBOX-3000-mvs can be flexibly applied in the machine vision industry.

2. Key features

3. Advantages

eBOX-3000-mvs is in small size (240mm*240mm*95mm). So it is space-saving in the application.

Support 6th/7th LGA1151 desktop CPU, low power processors and high power processors.

The Celeron series: G3930

The Pentium series: G4600

The Core series: i3-6100/7100, i5-6500/6500T/7500/7500T, i7-6700T/7700T

eBOX-3000-mvs has strong applicability in MVS industry. It integrates light source control equipment, IO function card and high-performance processor. And this helps our customers considering less about product selection and the problem of product compatibility.  


4. Study case

When the product is reached at the detection location, the sensor is triggered to send a signal to the host. The host processes the data and sends a control signal to the camera either for exposure, or to wait for exposure while turning on the light source to fill the light (turns on to reach the preset brightness).The image data is collected by the camera and is transmitted to the host. The host processes the data and judges the product information. Then, the output data (Pass or Fail) is sent to the external device to make corresponding actions. Besides, the DO port of the host can support an alarm lamp (1.5Watt).