Connect Control Cabinet Manufacturing with the Digital Future

Nodka is an experienced partner for control cabinet manufacturers, viewing digitization not as an end in itself but as a valuable enhancement to existing processes. The goal is to improve product quality, satisfy customers, and increase sales and revenue, positively impacting the company's performance metrics. However, control cabinet manufacturers often struggle to embrace this digital trend. Despite a high volume of current orders, the growing integration and networking of systems increase the pressure to adopt digital processes. Rather than leveraging these practical opportunities, companies are held back by reservations and fears that impede their digital progress.
Nodka helps with the digitization, a small step to industrial 4.0. Nodka Fanless Automation PC can be used on different kinds of Control Cabinet, especially for Automation applications.
Feature for Nodka Fanless Control Cabinet Solution
  • A cost-effective entry-level fanless control cabinet Automation PC.  

​Nodka Automation PC - NP Series enable flexible functionality according to specific application requirements. With the integration of various extensions, the system functions can be extended or customized to provide purpose-built, future-proof solutions for diverse automation applications.

  • Industrial Design with reliable and stable performance, maintenance-free. Equipped with Intel® Celeron® J1900/J6412 processor
  • Optimization with Flexible Expansion, making them ideal for industrial process-based applications.
  • UPS combination solution enhanced data Security during system downtime
  • Easy integration for different types of control cabinet
  • Fanless industrial grade products

Control cabinet easy integration   Fanless & Industrial design
UPS for Data Protection   Flexible expansion options
To ensure easy deployment for diverse industrial applications, Nodka UPS + NP series solution supports a variety of backplanes, offering increased convenience to the fanless PC for integrating additional optional I/O interfaces. Furthermore, fanless NP Series are equipped with PCI/PCIe expansion slots that enable the installation of machine vision for diverse automation applications. Stay competitive and get more room to easy integrate in your production, all at minimal cost.
Automation PC products available for Cabinet Control Automation
NP-6310 + NP-6111 / NP-6113 / NP-6117 / NP-6118


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