Computer on Module like Automobile Chassis 

COMLAC is a multi-functional small form factor computer core module, developed by NODKA and followed X86 modular bus standard. Based on years of experience and research with ETX, COM Express, Qseven, SMARC modular bus and combined with latest technology and development with X86, so new bus standard is proposed and designed for the needs of low power consumption and smaller dimension, as well as high performance. COMLAC keeps not onlythe high capability of COM Express, but also the advantage of Qseven and SMARC for smaller size , lower cost and failure rate, which given COMLAC a stronger vitality and competitiveness.

The modular concept of Carrier Board: 

  • The designer of carrier board could decide the physical structure of carrier board and equipment, bring no restrict to form factor (such as ATX, Mini-ITX, 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch).

  • Through the compatibility design, the same carrier board can be compatible with di erent CPU core modules, which brings advantage of exibility for platform exchange and upgrade ,as well as the better cost control.
  • Modularize the most complex part of motherboard, help reduce R&D cost and accelerate time to market process.
  • Can reduce current and future design risks. 

  • Fast implementation of own hardware circuit design to Carrier board, help reduce the connection cables and addon cards around device, improve product integration and reliability.
· Enable customer to import new technology quickly, reserve possibility of the further development. 
  • What is COMLAC ?

    COMLAC CPU modules choose low-power x86 SOC, and is designed with low power range between 10W ~ 30W and small size of 82 * 95 mm. COMLAC CPU modules can offer the powerful computing performance based on Intel's latest Core -I platform, are suitable for applications that require low power but high performance, so that it is typically used in portable devices and fixed embedded systems. CPU core and supported circuits (including memory, BIOS, power timing control, CPU power supply, Ethernet, etc.) are all integrated on the CPU module.

    The COMLAC CPU module will be integrated with the carrier board, which is with specific functions required by application , such as VGA / DVI / HDMI, LCD interface, audio codec, touch controller, wireless, interface protection, and customer designed circuits, etc. Such modular design can provide a lot of advantage to customers, such as flexibility of product upgrade, fast time to market, diversification, lower cost and power consumption as well as smaller physical size. 

    COMLAC Type3 Revision1.0 

    About COMLAC Connector

    The COMLAC standard uses a high-speed MXM-III connector. The MXM connector is known for its high-speed signal transmission, and is typically used as a transmission interface for PCI Express image acquisition cards in notebooks. It is also widely applied for military and industrial computer core module (such as Qseven and SMARC) because of its advantage of compact physical structure, high-speed transmission, impact resistance, and vibration resistance. NODKA CPU core module is with same connector and with dimension of 82 mm * 95 mm, which is based on latest Intel Core-I Platform. The MXM-III connector selected by NODKA COMLAC standard provides 314 electrical contacts, and supports third-generation PCI-Express transfer rate, and wide temperature range of-55°Cto+85°C.